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Eating Through the Peak: Egg-xploring Unique Egg Rolls!

Welcome to the brand new series, Eating Through the Peak! I have been popping around Apex with Leslie of Positively Apex, on a mission to share with you the best and most unique food, drink, and dessert finds throughout town!

For this very first adventure, we egg-xplored a handful of unique egg rolls… if you’re a fan of traditional egg rolls, then you’ll love trying out all of the more unique and non-traditional options you can find throughout Apex! These twists on the classic egg roll we tried ranged from sweet to savory, with southern classics, seasonal flavors, and tons of yummy sauces too. All in all, we tasted a total of 14 different egg rolls at 5 different Apex restaurants!

Our first stop was one of the Peak’s newest hangouts, TapStation!

We tasted a wide variety of egg rolls here, with a total of 7 different flavors! First up was a veggie egg roll with a sweet chili sauce, cheeseburger roll with a special TapStation comeback sauce, pimento cheese with a red pepper jam, and a buffalo chicken egg roll with ranch.

We then moved on to my favorite meal of the day, dessert! TapStation features an apple pie egg roll and what seems to be a rotating seasonal menu of egg roll options as well. We had a delicious sweet potato pecan egg roll in the Fall...

...and an oreo egg roll in the Spring!

My favorite thing about the egg rolls at TapStation was just how many different options they had. It made for a perfect set of appetizers to share, and could also be perfect alone with one of their great beers or cocktails. I’m a total sucker for dessert, so the sweet options were definitely a highlight! I’m looking forward to checking back throughout different seasons to see if they continue to provide different seasonal rotations.

Next up, Scratch!

They technically have one true egg roll, but we also ordered some wontons since they were fairly similar as well. The BBQ egg rolls came with a creamy sriracha orange-ginger aioli and I got even more pimento cheese with the smoked pimento cheese wontons and red pepper jam.

The BBQ egg rolls could definitely be a full meal on their own, and I’d recommend the wontons as a perfect starter to any meal at Scratch.

We hopped over to Doherty’s Irish Pub next, which of course features Irish Egg Rolls!

These are a delightful twist on the Reuben sandwich with corned beef, sauerkraut, and swiss cheese with a side of their signature thousand island dressing as a dipping sauce.

I am not typically a big fan of corned beef, but I have to say these egg rolls were super tasty and a very pleasant surprise!

Next up, Apex Wings!

Here you can choose from 3 different egg rolls, or order one of each. We of course tried them all, which included a Reuben, Buffalo Chicken, and Italian Roll along with a selection of thousand island, ranch or bleu cheese, and marinara for dipping.

My favorite out of this bunch was definitely the buffalo chicken egg roll! Super crunchy, and in the classic bleu cheese vs. ranch debate, I have to go with the bleu cheese (though I do love both).

And for our final stop on this egg-xtraordinary tour, we headed to Johnny’s Pizza for some Philly Cheesesteak Egg Rolls!

These were nice and crunchy, and I loved how cheesy it was with plenty of onions mixed in as well. They also came with a side of marinara, but I thought they were great even without a sauce.

All in all, I enjoyed every single egg roll we tried throughout this unique food tour of Apex!

  • Biggest Surprise: Irish Egg Roll at Doherty’s

  • Crunchiest Egg Roll: Apex Wings

  • Best Variety: TapStation

  • Favorite Dipping Sauce: Red Pepper Jam

  • Overall Favorite: Oreo Egg Roll

And that's a wrap (...get it?)!

Be sure to also check out my partner-in-crime, Leslie Lockhart of Positively Apex, for her take on the experience!

What should we try next??

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